Our Value Proposition

We work to deliver greater value to our clients than they expect, which is why we earn many repeat engagements.  Read a little about our services and what our clients have accomplished below.

What we do and How we do it

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching process holds you accountable to your plan of action.  Engagements range from visioning sessions for executive teams to co-create a desired future for their company 5+ years into the future to individuals building skills to be more effective in their current jobs, prepare for a future role, or change career direction.

Talent Management Consulting

Our consulting products and services span a broad range of organizational development areas including custom-designed leadership development, building HR Infrastructure, analyzing organizational effectiveness, and designing organizational structure. We work with you throughout the project to ensure the sustainability of the solution.

Change Management Expertise

Our Compass for Change [TM] supports large and small change efforts.  Our goal in change management is to build your organizations change readiness and resilience. Read more about Compass for Change [TM].

Examples of what our clients have accomplished

Leadership Coaching

Increased HR Manager’s ability to collaborate with and influence senior leadership of large agribusiness client.

Enhanced non-profit Program Manager’s strategic thinking capability and organizational savvy resulting in the adoption of a proposed program by senior leadership. Repeat engagement the following year led to the Program Manager's promotion. 

Talent Management Consulting

Developed comprehensive 18-month executive onboarding program that addresses the 4 common derailers in executive transition: transitioning the whole person, building relationships, understanding culture, and achieving organizational objectives. 

Created and managed a year-long blended learning development program for front line leadership at a cost of $500/ leader. 

Change Management Expertise

Leveraging the Compass for Change [TM] one client was able to achieve an accelerated conversion timeline of 2X the industry average for Warehouse Management System installations. The strategy leveraged over 150 volunteer colleagues, as change agents, subject matter experts, and training collaborators. 

Increased Sales division’s change readiness and resilience by establishing a team comprised of colleagues from every level of the division to facilitate communication and gather feedback during an organizational redesign. As a result of the work of this team, the division saw minimal productivity disruption.

You don't need to take our word for it.  Read what our clients say.