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Be a Change Champion!

Human Resource professionals are often charged with leading change management efforts. First, we must understand our individual responses to change, then how to lead others through that change.  HR’s role in change management will be explored, including assessing organizational systems that may help or hinder acceptance of the change, how to involve and retain high value/ high potential employees, measuring change readiness and the impact of change, and gathering feedback. Further focus on steps for developing and executing a change management plan as an HR practitioner will be offered. Registration details coming soon...

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12:00 PM12:00

Energy Management: Making the Best Use of Your Time!

FREE DREAMBANK EVENT: What if you could use your time more effectively? Discover simple strategies from Heather Kennedy, coach and change management expert, to help you focus your energy and make each hour of your day more mindful and meaningful. Isn’t it time you freed up more time for pursuing your dreams? This workshop is the perfect place to reset your mindset for a healthier, happier, more dream-filled existence.

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